This project was envisaged in response to the volcanic disaster at Mt. Ontake in 2014. To contribute to the expected volcanic disaster mitigation, we aim to drastically raise the level of volcanic observation research in our country and develop human resources for this research with extensive knowledge. Therefore, we believe the entire volcanic research community throughout Japan should make every effort to undertake the task. Along with our project participants, we will endeavor to deliver consistent results in ten years, at the end of the project.

Project Leader (PL): Toshitsugu Fujii

Project outline

  • Under the strong leadership of the PL, we are working together with the experts in other fields to enhance cooperation and integration, as well as promoting integrated research on “observation, forecasting, and countermeasures.”
  • We are forming a Consortium for Volcano Research and Human Resource Development, strengthening inter-university collaboration, and providing systematic educational programs linked to cutting-edge volcanic research.

Tasks and directions

  • Although the promotion of volcano research and human resources development are required in light of the disaster at Mt. Ontake, mainstream volcanic research is categorized as “observation” research. Furthermore, volcanic research integrating observation, forecasting, and countermeasures that contribute to the prevention and mitigation of disasters has not yet been performed. Additionally, the number of volcanic researchers was currently as low as approximately 80 (as of 2014).
  • To advance Japan’s volcanic research, in addition to traditional observational research, we are promoting combined “observation, forecasting, and countermeasures” research by cooperating and integrating with other fields and develop human resources for volcanic research with extensive knowledge.

Profiles of Project Leader (PL) and Project Advisers (PA)

Position Project Leader
Name Toshitsugu Fujii
Profile 2010~: Director of Environment/Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Crisis and Environment Management Policy Institute, Specified Non-Profit Corporation (current post)
2014~: Director of Mount Fuji Research Institute, Yamanashi Prefectural Government (current post)
Former Director of the Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Former Executive Vice President of the University of Tokyo.
Position Chief Project Adviser (PA in charge of general management)
Name Takashi Nishigaki
Main career Former Program Manager of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, (former) Special Coordination Funds for the Promotion of Science and Technology (Strategic Funds for the Promotion of Science and Technology).
Position Project Adviser on Risk Communication (PA in charge of risk communication)
Name Naoya Sekiya
Main career 2014~: Associate Professor, Center for Integrated Disaster Information Research (CIDIR), Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies (III), University of Tokyo.

Name of project and overview of the executive office


Integrated Program for Next Generation Volcano Research and Human Resource Development

Executive office

Contract Division, Shiomi Services Co., Ltd.


Fifth Higashi Building 902, 3-38 Kanda-Sakuma, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0025, Japan, Shiomi Services Co., Ltd.